Tania Emery

I genuinely can’t recommend working with Pete Davison highly enough. Get to work with him while you can still afford him! From the outset Pete has gone above and beyond the call of duty for my film. I arrived at his door with some pretty legendary bebop jazz references and was determined to get pieces of music that could represent the quality and vibe of the originals. I wasn’t sure it could be done without a Hollywood budget, but Pete delivered – and some – in super quick time. He’s bestowed my film with a score I am so proud of and he’s also an absolute delight as a person. He’s uber talented, efficient, reliable, fun and commits 150%. I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to collaborate.

Gavin Shepherd
Audio director Rev Rooms/ Electric Square

Peter worked with Rev Rooms on a large-scale racing game for Apple Arcade recently. Getting him on the team was a big coup and the production process was a breeze. His music is such high quality, his team deal with revisions very quickly, and the approval process couldn’t have been smoother. The highest compliment I can pay is my game sounds way more expensive with Peter’s music in.

Our Game Director described Peter’s work as that of an evil genius, as the music just gets in your head and lives there rent free.

Chris Michael Fretwell

Really pleased with the whole process working with Peter.
A completely stress free creative collaboration which exceeded expectations and generated great results. 

Chris Roe
Super Strange TV

Peter is a musical mastermind and a delight to work with. He completely understood the mood and energy we wanted for our Sky Kids Christmas animations. Peter’s experience and exceptional skill for arrangements gave the project the high-quality finish we needed.

Trevor Hardy
Director of the stop-motion feature film, 'STRIKE'

Peter is a really talented composer and a total pleasure to work with. He nailed the music score for ‘Strike’ time and time again..A real gent and definitely part of the ‘GiggleFish’ team!

Imogen Thomas
Director of EMU RUNNER

EMU RUNNER has called upon the talents of many people throughout its realisation and Peter Michael Davison is one such talent that I have had the pleasure to work with. Peter’s classical music background provides a strong foundation to his work, but in equal measure he is open to experimentation, resulting in bold and distinct choices. His contribution to the EMU RUNNER score is a perfect response to the story’s central themes, characters and landscape. His music has a deep emotional resonance that endures. Peter embraces the collaborative process and brings a great energy to his work, while also being mindful of the time pressures and deadlines involved. I would highly recommend Peter and look forward to working with him again.

Jason “PHATS” Hayward
from 90s/00s house DJs "PHATS AND SMALL"

Working with Pete, both on a movie project and a series of album studio sessions, has been wonderful. A comfortable collaboration, that has injected an exciting edge to every session, taking the music to the next level. His orchestral work and musical knowledge pushed our creativity – his enthusiasm made it a delight to work alongside him.

Claire Martin OBE
Singer and BBC Radio 3 Presenter

Peter is a truly gifted arranger who writes with imagination and flair, framing the voice beautifully and with tremendous sensitivity.  His celloquartet arrangements for me have been sublime.

​Joris de Man, Ivor Novello
Winning Composer of Kill Zone 1,2 & 3, Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West

I’ve been working with Pete for a few years now and his work as an orchestrator and conductor has been nothing but stellar. Pete always manages to get a quick turnaround on preparing the parts, offering useful advice on how to get the most out of the instruments and musicians, and making suggestions on orchestration and arrangement to get it to sound as great as possible. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have him conduct on my sessions, in which he’s kept the sessions moving at a good pace whilst getting excellent and heartfelt performances from the players. I have no doubt his own skills and knowledge as a talented composer contribute to understanding the needs of whomever he is working with, and I look forward to us working together again on future sessions!

Nick Pynn

With Peter you don’t get ‘just’ a world class musician, you also get a conductor, an arranger, an educator and encourager, and a man for whom limitations simply don’t exist. Whatever the project, Peter gives it 110% and makes magic happen.


The Man Who Sold the World is a highlight of the session.


The Man Who Sold The World, which comes to life here as a soaring tango.


Pete Davison’s arrangement of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ transforms the Bowie song into a lost aria from Carmen.


‘The Man Who Sold The World,’ a humorous touch of cabaret that evokes thoughts of darkly lit burlesque stages.


‘The hallmark of a great Claire Martin album is always the excellent arrangements, and in combination with superb playing and Linn’s magnificent sound, Time & Place does not disappoint – this may be her very best album yet.’


Bring(s) a sense of allure and seduction to the music.

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