Danny Elfman percussion conerto - orchestrator

Danny Elfman: Orchestrator

Orchestrator for Elfman’s Concert work – Wunderkammer Peter’s Role: Orchestrator Percussion Concerto, arrangements of Piano Quartet for Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra and commissions from the Library of Congress for the Orpheus Orchestra. Danny Elfman: Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra (2022) Peter’s Role: Orchestrator Orchestrated Danny Elfman’s Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra, which will premiere with…

Claire Martin arranger

Clare Martin (OBE)

Clare Martin (OBE) (2014) Peter’s Role: Arranger Created an arrangement of Bowie’s The Man Who Sold The World for the highly accredited jazz singer, Claire Martin (OBE) and The Montpellier Cello Quartet. It was released as part of Claire’s album: Time & Place (2014). Listen